Agnes Fatma Laylicha, I am, a collage student in Gadjah Mada University. People used to ask me what kind of person they are or can I read their mind when I tell them I take Psychology as my major. Well, I just can’t relate when they did that because you yourself that actually know your own. As usual, like just every psychologist, I would said “I’m a Psychologist, not a mind reader”.

Dear friends, to be honest, I’m taking this major because I clearly love to observe any patterns in my daily life. To get to know better what actually makes human human. Can I call myself as a social scientist? I hope so. Thus, I’m wholeheartedly joining one of  beautiful thinkthank at my faculty as their intern-researcher while spending my other-half collage life in another awesome center which has purpose in empowering youth around using our psychological methods.

After having such a lovely braingasm, thank God, I am gifted to have a lovely time with adorable people here who have inspired me the most for this whole four years. Yet, my life is fully blessed when I finally could spend my time knowing another persons or stories through the books I love. Or, if I am that lucky, I would have a great booktalk or any discussion with some peers. So, it would be my pleasure if you guys don’t mind to share your thought or any ideas with me in or just have a random tête-à-tête in 140 words media in @Agmalicha. Hey, I enjoy to write the thought of my alter-ego in another webspace if you are curious enough to get to know me better, though. Last but not least, hope you enjoy to read my mind, tee hee!


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