Preface (not the very first one).

First thing first, this is actually not my very first writing on either webspace or blog. I have ever written down some of my thought on another blog of mine. Yet, I just realized that it would be quite fun if I finally could make my short-of-classy-but-simple and more compatible writing on this site (not that the other site is not). Hey, if you ever happen to wander around, I my self, also have a different site where I in odd moments take my time to just sit down in my lovely room at night and take a piece of paper (Okay, I lied. I’ve never done it. I usually take my phone instead to take an instant note. I just pretend to be sounded like a chic poetess) then transfer it into my another site which clearly most of them are fiction. So, what can I say then? Hope you could read what my brain has thought ―and others too― so you could feel the exact feeling when you cuddle on your bed and blanket before having a nice dream on a such though night of yours. Or you may want to feel the anxiety in my mind instead, then you frankly ask to your self to think about the same thing I have but end up with another opinion (I will glad if you want to share it with me, though). So I guess that is the end of my preface, hope to see you soon on another braingasm thing! Chao!


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